Edit the 'places bar' in your open/save as dialogs

17 February 2011

Everybody knows it. The dialog box when you open or save a file in a random application. Almost always there is a list with 5 shortcuts in the left section of this dialog to shortcut to your desktop or the my documents folder on your computer:


In my experience I only use the desktop shortcut and the rest of the shortcuts are a waste of space. But the cool thing is that you can change this shortcuts to your own favorites. This is done as following. (The screens in this tutorial are made in Windows Vista, but the also apply to older versions of Windows, like XP and 2000. The layout and language used in the screens can differ, but the functions are almost everywhere the same)

Stap 1
Press your WINDOWS KEY and the R on your keyboard. You'll get to see this dialog:

Enter this in the field and press ENTER of click on OK: 'GPEDIT.MSC'

Stap 2
You'll see this dialog next:

Unfold the following folders in de left portion of the dialog:
1. User Configuration
2. Administrative Templates
3. Windows Components
4. Windows Explorer
5. Common Open File Dialog

If you've done this you'd see this:

Stap 3
Doubleclick on the last item in the list (the one selected in the previous screenshot). You will get this dialog next:

Select "enabled" and enter the paths of your favorite folders in the five fields folowwing:

Click "apply" of "ok" to apply your changes and test your new settings in an application:

As you see i have my own folders in the 'places bar'!
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  1. Gravatar


    09 February 2011

    GPEDIT.MSC is not found on XP computer.

  2. Gravatar


    16 November 2009

    im pretty sure it is spelled Step, not Stap.

  3. Gravatar


    29 September 2009

    Thank you very much! Two thumbs up!

  4. Gravatar


    11 August 2009

    I have Windows 7 beta, it works very well!
    Thanks for this cool tip.


  5. Gravatar


    17 April 2009

    thnaks but i cannot xp home

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    Stap 4

    07 September 2008

    learn 2 spell

  7. Gravatar


    05 October 2007

    I have been trying to figure out how to do this for waaaaaaaaaay too long, so happy someone has figured it out, BUT i wasnt able to do this in win2000. the "Items displayed in PlaceBar" was not there. any help?

  8. Gravatar


    01 October 2007

    hey it not work for vista ???

  9. Gravatar


    22 September 2007

    it is great

  10. Gravatar


    17 September 2007


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