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21 February 2011

Since Carlos Gallupa sponsored me some webspace and unlimited datatraffic, i was finally able to upgrade my website and try to get the best out of it.

I added a fresh new style and three new section: about me, with some personal info, articles and at last a feed of my tweets.

From now on i will publish small tutorials, website reviews and other webdesign related topics in the articles section. I always wanted to have a possibility to add short tutorials, without overflowing the tutorial overview.

The about me section reveals a little bit of who i am. My job as webdesigner, my hobby trackday car and (not quite unimportant) how you could hire me.

My twitter feed is mostly in Dutch and mostly private nonsense, but i also post new articles and tutorials on twitter, so you might want to follow me.

In the right column on every page you can find a banner (wich keeps this website up and running) and the last video from Doctype.tv, wich i think is a great show and suitable for beginning and expert webdevelopers and -designers.

Edit oktober 2012: The site has completely changed since this post. Again.
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    17 October 2011

    This post is really outdated... I should be keeping a changelog...