Kern Type, the kerning game

11 October 2011

I normally don't do this, but this little game is só awesome I have to post it!

This game is all about kerning. You get a word which is kerned all wrong and it's up to you to set the individual letters to the correct kerning. Not only fun to play, but very educational!

Don't forget to post your score in a comment after you finish the game! I scored no more than 92/100. I bet you can beat that!

Edit 26 october 2010
There's a new game from the same creators! This time it's up to you to shape letters!

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    18 October 2011

    @daz: thanks for your comment! I did enjoy reading you're trying to explain your son how important good kerning is. This game is a good example to proove your point.

    Distorting fonts is also a crime. Somebody should set up a font-police and give out tickets for abusing fonts or using Comic Sans or something :)

    Anyhow: I wanted to clear out that this game wasn't made by me. I linked it because it's a great educational and fun game, but the credits should really go to Mark MacKay, the creator of the game.

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    18 October 2011

    got 100/100 hehe!/4/286/385/456/548/zeena_kurd

    Kerning IS really important, it affects the whole visual!! lovely post...

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    Daz Dicko

    18 October 2011

    Absolutely brilliant. I'm 46 years old and constantly trying to explain the importance of kerning to my 17 year old Louis. You should be expand the exersize and all these young wanabee web designers should be made to practice as part of the curriculum before they touch or upload a single web page. By the way I got about 4 at 100%. Well Chuffed.

    You should devise one for not basardising fonts. Another pet hate of mine. Stretching and compressing fonts.

    Great Work.

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    Leslie Lee

    14 October 2011

    Loved this game. So adorable and awesome design, as well!

    I got 97/100 :)

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    Type Jerk

    13 October 2011

    Took me three words to nail 100/100 (word was holly).

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    11 October 2011

    Awesome :-) And I was totally chuffed with 91 out of 100!