How to create a bottle cap border

27 August 2012

Open Illustrator and start a new document. Size and format does not matter. You can also do this in an existing document.

Select the star-shape tool in the toolbar:

The click the page where you want the center of the shape to be and a small popup will appear with three options. First value is the diameter of the circle, second value is the diameter of the points of the circle/star. The bigger the difference between these values, the pointier your star will be and the rounder your bottle-cap "sine" will be. Enter a value from around 20/30 for the number of points in your star.

When you click "ok" the star will be added to your canvas.

Now open the filters menu and look for the "round corners" filter:

Play around with the value until the roundness of the sine is exactly how you like it.

Hit "ok" and your bottlecap is finished!

If you play around with the different settings, you'll find out that you can create lots of different shapes with this technique!

And last but not least I got a good tip from Fredo Houben stating that I should use the "Expand Appearance" tool. This tool converts the original vector star shape to the actual rounded shape. Find it in the Object menu:

Which results in this:

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